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Nauman Khan (CEO Grace Solar): 13 years of experience in heading one of Pakistan’s oldest renewable energy company, Mr Nauman, cherishes the reputation and credibility of not only his company but also the name of his country around the world. Successfully creating many renowned exclusive partnerships around the globe with top renewable energy brands; working alongside a diverse portfolio of national and international organizations and delivering projects in Pakistan’s most vulnerable areas; Mr Nauman has many anecdotes of determination and excellence towards work. Mr Nauman defines success in seeing the organization foster as a leading energy company in the world, providing solutions for all clients and helping the country escape its engulfing energy poverty state.

Mian Naeem Shahzad (Technical Head): 10 years experience in solar and biogas industry and vast technical knowledge of all solar components and latest technologies in the industry.

Ali Sheikh ( Projects Manager): 8 years experience of handling projects in oil and gas industry and similar installations of renewable in the MENA region.

Awais Qamar Qureshi (Manager Publication Relations): Experience in Publication Relations and Developing a marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics.

Muhammad Naeem Tariq (General Manager Business Development): 5 years experience in International Business and Decision-making, communication and leadership skills are essential for the success of international Business management.

Zeeshan Khan (Manager Administration): Experience in Administration Management and Human Resource Management.