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Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm hot water domestic & commercial requirements throughout year. Grace Solar Pakistan successfully utilized the renewable energy resource in Pakistan and introduced the use of solar thermal technology. In solar thermal technology, solar panels collect sunlight and the energy is used to heat up the water. Solar tank and solar collectors are also used in the Grace Solar Water Heaters. They are extremely useful and cost-effective while the installation of these Grace Solar Water Heaters is very simple and trouble-free.


Grace Solar Pakistan aims to provide prime solutions of energy crisis with its beneficial products.

  • Extremely useful for hotels, homes, and restaurants.
  • Low tax on products, i.e. solar panels.
  • Environment-friendly and no household air pollution.
  • Low carbon footprint and indoor air pollution.
  • Reduced energy bills and no impact of Sui gas or electricity.
  • Increased working hours and comfort.