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Grace Solar established since 2006, is a renewable energy solutions provider operating through Pakistan and Afghanistan offering services in solar, wind, hydro, and thermal sectors. The organization has worked countrywide from the deserts of Tharparkar to the valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan, leaving its footprint of environmental protection, social responsibility, renewable energy solutions and energy awareness throughout the country. It aims to create energy revolution in the country, whereby the vicious cycle of energy deficiency is broken, helping individuals becoming self reliant and progressive in their daily routines. Working with various national and international partners, the organization is committed towards providing customized, resource efficient solutions to all its clients, for a better and brighter Pakistan. Grace Solar is also a proud technical partner and official representative of many American and European solar brands such Lorentz, OutBack Power, Apollo Solar, Dulas, Senersun and Canadian Solar, which promise credibility to client’s investment due to the highest reliability standards.

Who We Are ?

To design and implement sustainable energy solutions that address client-specific needs and provide a solid return on investment. We want to offer a comprehensive portfolio of cutting edge technologies and products to all our clients with the help of world market leaders who do not compromise on quality.

To create sustainable energy solutions and provide solar energy based products for the prevailing energy issues and challenges of tomorrow.

Compassion and Gratitude: Caring for the needs of others powers our journey. In turn, we value what service teaches us about ourselves and about how we relate to others.
Honesty and Integrity: Character is the essence of who we’ve become and is the driving force in who we are, both individually and collectively.
Cooperation and Collaboration: We are a community and we serve a community. Nothing we do stands alone; everything depends on cooperation and collaboration.